Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) in the IAD has the responsibility to be a central repository for propagation of best practices in Internal Audit (including governance, risk and control). It will also function as a support to IAWs in Central Civil Ministries/Departments in meeting their objective of adding value to the functioning of their respective Ministries. This would be achieved by:

  • Coming out with a Handbook on Internal Audit in Central Civil Ministries/Departments which explains the conceptual and practical aspects of conducting internal audits by the IAWs and updating the same from time to time.
  • Assessing the current level of capability of the IAW and providing direction and support to IAWs in moving up the Internal Audit - Capability Maturity Matrix (IA-CM Matrix).
  • Conducting surveys on the state of implementation of the Handbook on Internal Audit within Ministries and Departments.
  • Creating a platform for sharing of best practices and case studies.
  • Creating clusters of Ministries based on synergistic parameters like programs/social impact, infrastructure, industry, capital markets/financial services, national security etc. to ensure that the synergies of common/similar strategies in internal audit may be leveraged for common gain. Parameters should be devised by the CoE of the IAD with inputs from Ministries concerned.
  • Interacting extensively with the professional bodies like IIA on areas of cooperation envisaged under the MoU signed between O/o CGA and the IIA India.
  • Working with the professional bodies for identifying outsourced service providers with expertise in Risk Management, Control Evaluation, Governance Audits, Information Security, Data Analytics and such other areas as may be required, from time to time.
  • Sustainable capacity building of internal auditors through training, certification, seminars, exchanges etc.
  • Creating a help desk in O/o CGA to provide guidance and support to teams of internal auditors across Civil Ministries and Departments. This would be manned over time by a cross mix of staff who are professionally qualified in Internal Audit as IIA’s Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam, subject matter experts and experienced internal auditors of requisite caliber etc.