The PFMS Helpdesk unit is assigned centrally and at State Directorate for each zone (East, West, North and South) where all queries related to application, grievances, module, scheme wise issues are received and responded to by the Helpdesk team. The Helpdesk team is divided as email based & call based.

Call Based: The Call center team is a third party which uses their own CRM tool for bucketing the tickets received. They send end of day reports to PFMS official that mentions the total calls received, answered, resolved. The tickets which are not resolved are sent to email-based helpdesk at PFMS for further root cause and closure.

Email Based: There is a single group email id helpdesk shared by 7 officials of the PFMS department team including vendor. This email uses the NIC email server. The process of ticket resolution starts when the technical project manager tags the emails received basis the agency wise tagging and name of the team member whom the ticket is internally assigned. At present, there is no segregation basis priority of ticket but as per the SLA every ticket should be answered within 3 days.

The categories of tickets received by Helpdesk basically includes are:

  • Account Validation
  • Agency
  • Bank related
  • DBT
  • DSC
  • EAT
  • External System
  • Location Mapping
  • Payment Issue
  • PPA (Print Payment Advice)
  • Reports
  • Sanction
  • Technical issues
  • UC (Utilization Certificate)
  • User Login

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