Other Books Manuals and Forms

Rule Books , Manuals of Academic Interest , Syllabus and Question Papers for Departmental Examinations

Manual of Payment & Accounting through PFMS

Vol. 1 - Toolkit for Pr.AO & PAO

Vol. II - Toolkit for Program Division & DDO

Vol. III - Toolkit for Additional Functionalities in PFMS

Change in the Process flow of approval of login id and DSC of Pr.AO Level user in PFMS.
OM No. MFCGA/ITD/SDTQC/A/2017-18/2573 Dated 16th January 2018.

PFMS - CCA Level User Functionality for Re-appropriation:

PFMS- Procurement of Digital Signature Certificate by DDOs for digital signing of bills for payment to Vendor/Sellers/Suppliers etc- OM No. 9(4)/ePayment-PFMS/TAII/2016-17/1064.

PFMS- User Manual on Modified Functionality of Letter of Authorization (LOA)

PFMS- User Manual on Payment Through Treasury Single Account
Process Flow of Reconsolidation of Monthly Accounts of PAO in PFMS
User Manual on Virtual Account Flow in PFMS
User Manual on Monthly DO/MIS Reports

User Guide for online payments through NTRP

User Guide for OffLine (NEFT/RTGS) based payments through NTRP

User Manual on Inter Accountal Adjustment Advice (IAAA) on PFMS

User Manual for Processing NIL Bills in PFMS

Internal Audit Hand Book for Central Civil Ministries/Departments

Accounting Procedure for operation of National Mineral Exploration Trust Fund.
UO No. 9(8)/2017/TA/304-307 Dated 19th March 2018.

Guidelines for use of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) for collection of Government revenue
OM No. S-11012/3(1)/DP/WC/2017/GBA/5122-5275 Dated 10th August 2017

Government of India Forms

Deduction of Tax at Source(TDS) by Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) under GST Regime.
OM No. 1(8)/2017/TA/993 Dated 20th September 2017
Syllabus for the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion of LDC as Accountant
Question Papers: Departmental Competetive Exam for Promotion of 12th Pass MTS Staff as LDC
Defined Contribution Pension Scheme

Central Govt. Accounts (Receipt and Payment Rules) 1983

Amendment in Central Government Accounts (Receipts & Payments) Rules, 1983
Notification Dated 27th April 2017 issued by Controller General of Accounts Ministry of Finance

Scheme of payment of Pension to Central Govt. (Civil) Pensioners Through Authorised Banks
Civil Accounts Manual (Revised 1st Edition)
Govt. Accounting Rules 1990
List of Major and Minor Heads of Accounts of Union and States
Constitution of India
General Financial Rules -2017
Rules and Procedures and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha
Suspense Manual | OM regarding
DGS&D Manual | PDF
General Conditions of Contract- Published by DGS&D
Inspection Code
Study Material of Institute of Cost and Works Accountants Of India specially prepared for the Junior Accounts Officer (Civil) Examination
Report on the Committee of Experts on Uniform Format of Accounts for Central Autonomous Bodies | (Hindi Version)
Fiscal Responsibility Legislation (FRBM Act-2003)
Fiscal Responsibility Legislation (FRBM Rules-2004)
Guidelines for preparation of Performance Budget
Guidelines for preparation of Outcome Budget
Compendium Of Accounting Standards published by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India- Chapter on "Framework for the preparation and presentation of Financial Statements
Study Material of Institute of Cost and Works Accountants Of India specially prepared for the Junior Accounts Officer (Civil) Examination (Financial Accounting)
Compendium of Advances to Government Servants
Manual of Rupee Loan
Report of the Committee on the Departmentalised Accounting System : August 1990
Management Accounting